Hi there, I’m Kristian Magnus, a curious Dane who also happens to be a writer. 

I’m the creator of this site, where you can escape empty calories for the mind. Congrats for being here! 

All you need to know about me is that I write about universal self-development themes that can help you forward in life, regardless of your situation. Everything I write about is something I already do or count as experience. It can help you, too.

So, what exactly can you expect around here? 

As you’ll realize, there are zero fancy photos to create ‘the right mood’. Just plain writing with nothing to cover it up.

I write about topics like these:

  • [Habits] How to automate successful behavior and get better results
  • [Mindset] How to advance your thinking and avoid apathy
  • [Focus] How to free your mind from distractions and get on with more important matters.

None of these are new ideas. My writing is made from personal notes put together in more or less cohesive prose. Essentially, these are important ideas assembled in order that makes sense to me as I hope they will to you. 

My goal is that you’ll be inspired. Inspired to dive deeper and gain more knowledge. Inspired to examine your behavior. Or maybe even inspired to wake up and smell the coffee, if that’s your starting point. 

If just one person, somewhere, does any of this, my work will be all worth it. 

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Thanks for visiting.

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